Where you can learn about the inner workings of some extremely complex machinery, eqiupment and structures. Fixnit Dot Com is web site created by John Uske to display many the things he has built in his life for both the home, car, and factory. Fixinit was formerly John Uskes first Web site called the world of computron, which built using the click and build program called IXLA web easy. Fixinit was designed to be based on CSS and XHTML and was built using the program Macromedia Dreamweaver and lauched from the same server space where the World of Computron used to be. When this site is finished you will be able to view hundreds of step by step photos on how I built, rebuilt, redesigned, and or repaired, hundreds of different pieces of equipment. Maybe you can learn something here to better your own life. So feel free to click and learn. Reach me:computron@computer.org