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Past & Present Hobbies

From 1977 to 1978, I was President of the Brooklyn Z Club. This was a car club founded by me for fans of the original Datsun 240Z car. We had a permit from the US Department of the Interior to meet at Floyd Bennet Field in the Gateway National Recreation Area each weekend in the Summer. The club was disbanded after the debut of the 280ZX series cars. Some photos of the meets are on this Web site.

For a time I was very into doing home improvments on my own homes. My first house was a fixer upper that sold right away for a high price because of the work I put into it. I was featured in the local newspapers in Central New Jersey for building my own in ground pool by myself The pool was 20 x 50 feet with a 2500 sq/ft deck area. I hand shoveled the 47 tons of dirt that went around it because I picked out every rock that was bigger than a small potato to protect the extensive underground piping network form possible punctures. You will see many examples of my home improvement work on this site.

My present hobby is one that I always had since I was a small boy. It is to learn new things about technology, and then apply the newly acquired knowledge. To help me along in that direction I receive on a monthly basis 163 technical, and trade publications on subjects from concrete & construction, to pharmacology & Visual Studio (dot) Net. My employing company has to stay competitive to remain viable in the market place, so we have to keep on improving. My constant thirst for new knowledge is a perfect fit with my company's need to stay competitive. I keep keep on finding and implementing more and more new technology to reduce operating costs, and minimizing downtime. So my job, is also my hobby, which means I am very happy because I get to see the fruits of my intellectual endeavors achieve real world visible, measurable, usable, results.

I also enjoy building and operating my own personal computers. So far the biggest one I ever built has 22 different types of disk drives and can read any type of disk past or present. When this machine boots up you can see drives A through V on the screen when you click on my computer. I am also good at using software. I built this entire web site and its content by myself.