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I have saved all of my design documents

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<The archives on all of the things I have built > <I am on my to a job interview with proofs of my work> <I am on my to a job interview with proofs of my work>
<The archives on all of the things I have built > <I am on my to a job interview with proofs of my work> <I am on my to a job interview with proofs of my work>
<The archives on all of the things I have built > <I am on my to a job interview with proofs of my work> <I am on my to a job interview with proofs of my work>
Here I am on the way to a job interview back in the late 1970s

What is this entire web site about?
This web site started out as an online portfolio to show off my engineering skills. It has since evolved into large web resume where one can see and read about everything I have learned and then view and read about all the things I have accomplished using that knowledge on the job.

Why is it so big? (Over 600 Web Pages and growing)

For most of my life I have been I have doing two things.       They are:

1) Fixing things to a state where they are in better condition than before, and:

2) Designing and building new things in a way no one has tried before.

I do these things because I enjoy it and somehow I have been lucky enough to also be able to make a living doing what I enjoy.

The unbelieveable aspect about what I do is that my work history, career accomplishments, personal achievements, and education background, encompass a range of knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience levels that are so broad, most people would find it too unbelievable for one person to possess. So unlike most resumes which are just pages of text, this resume is backed up by numerous pieces of ultra hard, independent, extrinsic corroborating evidence, which stand independent away and alone from me, to prove empirically and extrinsically what I can do.(I have over 166,000 files to back up what I have done thus far, and the number keeps on getting bigger every day) Here on the pages of this site, not only can you read detailed descriptions of what I have done but you can also view actual photographs, drawings and documents related to each job, school, or project starting from age 7 on up to the present time.

So what do I really do?

I analyze complex problems mostly technical in nature and develop or invent solutions to solve them. Most of the problems I enjoy solving require a broad range of knowledge because they encompass a multiple set of technologies. I have worked on everything from subminiature cameras to 1.5 million square foot industrial facilities with 6000 tons of air-conditioning and 9000 employees under the roof, and everything else you can think of in between.

To be able to address these problems I have completed over 47 trade and technical schools and I have earned 2 college degrees. One of them is an MBA. I also read 135 technology magazines per month just for fun. I still go to school even to this very day. Just check out my education history section to see where.

So please continue to read on. This site has a lot to offer in terms of knowledge and know how because I describe many of the projects with enough detail that you can even do them for yourself or your career.

The picture you see above is typical of my MO (Modus Operandi) in the late 1970's. Back then whenever I applied for a high tech job I would sift through my voluminous archives for relevant documentation needed to prove my qualifications for the position, and then pack it up and bring it along to the job interview. Using this method I always got the job even though I was high school dropout without any real formal education. By the time I was in my late 20's I was lugging around this huge photo album with over a 1000 photos of my work. All the while I was hoping for a better way of doing things. That way is here today and there is even more! So please read on.

Hello and welcome to my world, a world, which has better getting smaller, faster, and bigger for the last few months. I am an Electrical Systems and Machinery Mechanisms designer who has wanted for a long time to find a way to compress the archives on all of my work and training into a compact form.