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<Airhandler repaired by John Uske>

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<2500 Ton Chiller> <1500 HP Steam Turbine> <Condenser Water Lines>

1994 - 1997 EFCO. Refrigeration Services Co.

This was a company that did field service work on HVAC systems in small office buildings. I was their controls specialist because I am very good at repairing complex electric systems. Also at this point in my life came the dark times. My marriage had crumbled to the point of no return and climaxed into a bitter divorce battle that left me flat broke, and homeless. I lost everything, you can think of, even my job too. Things came to a boil in November 1997 when I was allowed to go forth as a free man into the world again, but without having to pay any child support or alimony as per an agreed upon court settlement. I returned to New York City and checked myself into the Homeless Shelter on Atlantic and Bedford Avenues in Brooklyn, and set about to rebuild my life from the ground up, and what a miraculous recovery it has been for me.

My undergrad school Brooklyn College did a big article on my rise up out of the Homeless shelter system and you can read about it here at this link. “Once Homeless now a Student”

Starting over from Ground One I decided that repairing machinery electrics was something I enjoyed doing so I got a job at Union Standard Machinery. My first priority was to reestablish my credit, by repaying all of my personal debts. Once my debts were paid off, I went back to school at night in January 2000. I got my GED in 2002, and Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from Brooklyn College in June of 2005. Then I started to study for my MBA degree at Baruch College in 2006 and have 36 credits towards that so far (as of September 2008) with a 3.4 GPA. My education is what had saved me from the death grip of poverty. So my number one place to invest my hard earned dollars is in my education. Also the mind is like a muscle, it has to be used, exercised, and kept in tune or it atrophies. Night school helps me to keep my brains in shape.