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<John Uske at Union> <Union Standard HQ Bldg> <Union Standard HQ Bldg>

Nov.1997 to Nov. 99 Union Standard Machinery Corporation

Here was a place where I could get back into working on machine controls like I did at S&S Machinery. To boost my chances of getting the job here, I showed them some photos of the machine tools I rebuilt when I worked at S&S Machinery. At Union I rebuilt the electrical, pneumatic, & hydraulic control systems on packaging machines, which were being reconditioned for resale. If it was possible, and acceptable I repaired the existing electric system back to better than new condition. If it was beyond repair, I would remove it from the machine. Then I would design, build, and install a new electrical system. Some were based on a PLC. I also programmed the PLCs, stepper motor drives, & AC variable frequency drives as needed to work with new sensors, hydraulics, and pneumatics. I had no intention of leaving here. I liked the job, but I did not like the long commute to work. However, I was also planning to go back to College at night so I found something close to home and close to school. You can view samples of my work from Union in the Packaging Machines section.