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Nov. 99 - Feb. 2008 Trans-Packers Services Inc.

This is a large contract packaging company. I was the Plant Engineer. I maintained, repaired, or rebuilt the packaging machines that were used to package food products for various clients. If necessary I would design a whole new control system, acquire all of the parts, build it, then install it, test, and debug it, on a packaging machine. I had full purchase authority to acquire all of the products and services I needed to do the job, because the other part of my job was to buy the best products I could at the best possible prices, and terms of sale. I managed relationships, and account details with over 400 different vendors and suppliers using Microsoft Outlook. When I was not designing or building new systems I performed maintenance on the machinery and plant equipment. The work was very challenging, and demanded a lot of creative energy, which I liked because I enjoy creating new things with my hands and my mind using the new knowledge I acquire from the 100's of technology magazines I read each month to improve the performance of the machines.