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<John Uske playing with Matchbox Cars>

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John Uske with Joe Gorgliormella on the front steps of John's house.

Because my friend Joe Gorgliormella lived right around the corner from me, he became my first childhood friend. At age 6 I was finally allowed to go around the corner on my own and that is how I met Joe. We clicked and became friends right away. We used to play in the backyard after school with GI Joe toys. GI Joe was very popular back then. In the beginning we were like Siamese Twins you could not pull us apart. But as we grew up we met other people and started to develop other friendships that took us in different directions. We did go through school in the same class together all the way up until 7th grade in Junior High. After 8th Grade we both graduated. I went off to Brooklyn Technical High School, and Joe went on to another High School. I never saw him much after that. After a year at Brooklyn Tech my mom moved me to New Jersey to finish school there and I stayed out of Brooklyn until the age of 18. When I came back I did not see Joe I heard he went to off to College. I will let you know what happened to Joe but first let me tell you about Paul.