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<John Uske as a Boy Scout>

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3rd Grade Class Picture Enlarged for Detail

I have zoomed in on the class picture to show you my two childhood friends Joe Gorgliormella, Paul Zeitz, and myself. They were my best friends at that age. As you can see we were in Cub Scout Uniforms. We were members of Cub Scout Pack 222. The Pack was a large group of boys that met once a month at night at a large meeting out our school. We attended the Pack meetings with our parents. The Pack was broken up into sub groups called Dens. Dens were made up of boys that lived in close proximity to each other. The Dens would meet weekly at the home of the Den mother for a short after school session of group activity related to scouting. Joe, Paul and myself were in different Dens, but we played together after school sometimes. Joe lived around the corner from me and was easy to call on. Paul lived 3 blocks away and I had to cross streets to get to his house. That was a bit harder to do. I had fun in the Cub Scouts, but let me tell you more about Joe and Paul. They are both outstanding gentlemen today.