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<Lounge Area>

<Air Lounge Lounging Area>
Welcome to our Lounge Area!

Unlike most airport waiting areas our lounge has a few chairs that recline back into a restful position so you can rest comfortably while you wait for your flight. There are other areas with tables and chairs that allow you to relax and socialize with your travel companions as a group. You can eat in these areas as well. You can also watch TV. Play video games, or listen to music through a set of disposable sanitary headphones, which you must purchase for a nominal fee. We also have books and current issues of the most popular magazine titles for your reading pleasure.

You can plug in your laptop to recharge the batteries and also log in to the Internet through our free WiFi network. If you want to close your eyes and take a rest you can do that too. Just let one of our attendants know what time you would like to wake up and we will make sure that you are up in time to catch your plane as soon as we know it arrives. At Air Lounge we exist to serve you.