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Have you ever rushed to the airport to check in early to catch a flight only to find out it was horribly delayed? Or have you ever landed late only to find out that your connecting flight has departed? What are you going to do? Where are you going to stay? Enter Air Lounge. The reasonably priced rest and relaxation place you can fit into you sudden itinerary change. At Air Lounge you can rest up and take a nap until your next flight arrives or you can have a bite to eat, catch up on E Mails, take a massage, take a shower, or lounge around and watch TV. You do not need to be a member of a special travel club or program. There is no dress code to get in. All you have to be is someone who seeks comfort at a reasonable price until your plane arrives. LED displays with the most current arrival and departure times appear throughout various places in our facility. So you are always in the know, and our attendants will wake you or notify you that your flight is arriving if you choose this service. So come in and enjoy your stay. We look forward to having you.