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Kitchen remodeling and renovations

I have done a couple of kitchens over in my time. I learned about this mostly from cousins and Uncles. Whenever they would do this work in their houses I would help them out by handing them tools, or holding things in place while they fastened them or joined them. My cousin Gilbert, my mother's nephew was a master woodworker with extremely developed skills in the areas of carpentry and cabinet making. He had a wood shop in the basement and made cabinets and other pieces of furniture down there. I used to watch him work, because it was so interesting. I made some my own cabinets from scratch on one kitchen renovation job. One of them was a curved wooden fume hood over the stove done in black and white Formica. This was hard to do because one of the surfaces was curved. A contractor did the other part of this job but I had to stay with him everyday because he did know how to use tools all that well.