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Framing and Stud Work

I have been doing carpentry ever since I was a kid. Framing and stud work is key to making a building or modifying a room. Last time I did this work one could still buy 2 x 4 wooden studs even though sheet metal studs were starting to gain traction in the market place. As for me I prefer to use wooden 2 x 4s because their strength is self-contained. You can throw your body weight against a wooden stud and it won't bend. This is not so with a lot of the sheet metal studs. Sheet metal studs have unitary strength. Once you attach the sheet rock to the studs that is how the wall gets its strength. Sheet metal studs also collapse in the intense heat of a fire whereas wood will not. I have witnessed this in burned buildings I have inspected. I have used studwork to finish basements, build the pool filter building, and many other projects you can see here on this web site. I enjoy this kind of wood working from time to time.