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Flow wrapping and/or Over Wrapping type machines

These machines are very unique in that it is the package itself that does the work. Did you ever see those neatly gift wrapped boxes of chocolates that go on sale in high volumes around holiday time? These are the machines that gift-wrap the boxes. The way this works is that a roll feeder, feeds in one sheet of wrapping paper over the bed of the machine. This sheet of wrapping is exactly the size needed to wrap the box completely, no more, no less, and it is cut off from the roll by an automatic knife once it is in the machine. An intake conveyor moves the box of chocolates into the machine and under the center of the sheet of wrapping paper. An elevator then lifts the box up through the wrapping paper. Once the box and paper are above the machine bed, tucker blades come to push the edges of the paper under the box so that it forms a rectangular tube of wrapping paper around the box. The elevator then descends leaving the box wrapped in paper on a folder track. An overhead chain with pusher fingers takes over and moves the box forward along the folder track. Along the sides of folder track are specially shaped guide rails with slots and bevels in them at specific points. As the package is pushed forward the these guide rails called folders actually fold up the sides of the wrapping paper up against the side of the box until it gets to just before the last folding station where a couple of beads of adhesive are added to the exposed flaps before the final fold up and ejection form the machine.

The machines I worked one were called FA1s and they are purely mechanical. One main motor runs the whole thing. That is why I call them FLOW WRAPPERS because as the package is pushed forward the wrapping paper is literally flowing on to the sides of the box. You can read about another machine on this site, which is also called a flow wrapper. These are the HORIZONTAL FORM FILL SEAL MACHINES. We had a big order for these FA1 machines when I worked at Union Standard and I had to build 12 control panels for them simultaneously to meet the deadline. You can see that in the relay panel section of this site.