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Hayssen Ultima Vertical Form Fill Seal machine with Yamato Weigh Scale.

We had a small customer that used to make and package their own candy. They had bought a very sophisticated machine to weigh out the candy and bag it. This is the machine you see above. This machine takes a roll of plastic film and forms it into a bag in a continuous motion while the weigh scale above it is weighing out and dispensing the candy into each newly formed bag as it runs. It does this at very high speeds. Little by little this machine started to break down and the customer did not have the talent on site needed to fix it. He made a deal with my company where he would just make the candy and we would repair his machine and pack out the candy for him. The machine was sent to my company and the electricians and mechanics put it together. I called all the OEMs who made up the different parts of the machine and obtained the information and parts needed to repair the machine. Once it was fixed this machine ran like a rocket! It was a thing of beauty to watch it in action. The Hayssen Ultima packaging machine is truly awesome!