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Information about this web site's advertising policies

This site has ads on to give the viewer a place to take break with their eyes and their minds. This web site is written in the style of a magazine with many descriptive articles accompanied by photos and slide shows. This site is very large and much of the material is intensive and extensive, and can be exhaustive to grasp in one session.

This site is not a splog. The only firms that advertise on this site are the ones to which I give permission.

From the opposite stance the companies that advertise here have reviewed this site and by posting their ads here they have in effect made a conscious decision to have their brand or products associated with me, and the things I stand for.

Firms that offer on line Gambling or Adult Oriented materials are not allowed to advertise on this web site. Other than that any company can advertise here, but they must offer legitimate products and act in good faith when representing what they sell. Ideally your products should match up with my content, but if it does not, that is OK too. I will try to fit your ads in somewhere.

This page and the image panel shows where the ad spaces are located and the sizes you can select from. Many magazines typically have small ads scattered through out the pages to catch the readers eye when it starts to drift, so to does the pages of this site. (I read over 100 magazines a month so I know a little bit about this.) I do not write stories with deliberate content to sell my advertisers products or cause people to click on the ads to enrich myself. However, I will try to match the advertiser's products and ads to the content that I have which is relevant to the wares they sell. This does not always work out, but I do try.

I am member in good stead with most of the biggest Affiliate Ad programs on the Internet today. If you wish to advertise on this site just E Mail me to let me know. You can pick from any of the available ad sizes you see on this page. My E Mail address is on the home page.