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<John Uske with 35 mm movie cameras>

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<Reunion Collage Created by John Uske> <Rutherford Christmas Tree before> <Rutherford Christmas Tree aftergt;
<Reunion Collage Created by John Uske> <Rutherford Christmas Tree after>
<Reunion Collage Created by John Uske> <9th Grade Dance Before> <9th Grade Dance after>
I like playing around with digital photography and software

I have always enjoyed taking pictures for a hobby ever since I was teenager. My best friend Ritchie introduced me to the hobby of photography and taught me darkroom skills, which involved developing negatives and prints using chemicals and light under very strict temperature controlled conditions. This was a very messy, and exacting process. Today I use digital photography as my medium of expression, and with great results. Above in the left pane at top is a composite photo I created from the two photos below it, for a Classmetes Mini reunion that was held in 2004. In the right pane top and bottom are before and after photos I rescued using software. The top photo is the of the Rutherford Town Christmas Tree for 2004. In this photo I removed the glare of a street lamp. The bottom photo was a before and after restoration from the 9th grade Rutherford JHS 1974 Christmas Dance. I posted these into digital photo albums I have on Classmates Dot Com which have been viewed many times.