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I like to explore New York City

This was a hobby I had since my early teens. Back then for fun I would get on the subway and just pick one line at random and take it to the very last stop. I would then get off and go out of the train station and start walking around to see what was new and different about the neighborhood where I was. I was always surprised and entertained by what I saw, because of the myriad of ethnic diversity enveloped within this city. I still make these trips today because the city keeps changing. In the past I have traveled to few cities in the US and some others in foreign countries. I have always thrown myself into the midst of the situation by using the local mass transportation system to try and get lost and discover something new about where I am. Instead what I usually discover is how much I miss New York City and the realization that there is no place like it on the planet earth. (175 languages are spoken here) I then become home sick for my home town and just can't wait to get back.