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<My first big crane when I was 8>

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Here is where my preference for
detail, starts to manifest itself. This
is a line drawing of a ficticious
submarine base. Note the cut away
view of the lower submarine showing the internal view of the individual compartments. This was done in the 4th grade when I was 9 years old.
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<Submarine Base>
In the 5th Grade I completely
switched over to line or pen and ink
drawing to achieve maximum detail.
This is a cut away view of Speed
Racer's Mark 5 race car.
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<Speed Racers Mark 5>
This is a cut away side view of an
automobile. I show the engine with pistons & valves, the steering linkage,the brake mechanisms, and gear box. Naturally it is not an exact working model, but the objects are in their approximate correct locations like on a real car. This was also done in the 5th Grade when I was 10 years old.
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<Car engine system I drew when I was 10>