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Druckers closed long ago. The old store was photographed and the logo added in by me to show what it looked when I worked there.
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<The old Druckers Store> <The old Druckers Store> <Druckers in 1956>
<The old Druckers Store> <The old Druckers Store> <Gale the Secretary>
<The old Druckers Store> <The old Druckers Store> <Gale the Secretary>

1973-1974 Druckers Department Store of Rutherford NJ

This was a small Department Store located at Park Avenue North near the train station. I would work there in the mornings before I went to school. In the afternoons I attended 9th Grade at Rutherford Junior High School. Back then to ease overcrowding the schools were on split sessions. Upper grades went in the mornings and lower grades in the afternoons. I worked as a stock boy and Janitor at this store. The owners were two brothers. Arthur and Walter Drucker. Arthur was always terse and never smiled at anyone. He just sat in his office and counted the receipts. He had a pretty secretary named Gale, and we used to kid around alot. Walter was the gung ho guy. He was always doing little things around the store to spruce up the displays. My favorite part was when he dressed the windows. I would help him, and we would drape and pin fabrics in place to attractively display the merchandise. He often asked my opinion on how things looked. When I got promoted to the 10th grade I would be going to school in the mornings instead. So I got a different job.