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My friends from school

Microsoft Store
Baruch Open House 05/12/06 Open House Session 05/12/05

This was the 2nd one I attended.
Baruch Orientation 01/21/06 New Student Orientation 01/21/06

I was very excited and happy this day.
Vertical Campus Baruch's Vertical Campus Building

This is a beautiful place to learn..
Baruch Library Building Baruch's Library

This is an awesome facility with lots of curent books.
Accunting Class party After Accounting Class party

It was our last day of group presentations
End of semester party spring 2006 After the semseter party May 2006

We decided to have a night of fun.
Sunday Brunch June 4th 2006
We got together to hang out and have some fun
<Toure's Birthday Party> Toures Birthday Party 06/18/06
Many beautiful girls attended this event, check it out!
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I started at Baruch in January 2006 to study for my MBA. For me it is a dream come true. I love this school and you can view some of the events I attended here thus far. The facilty is excellent and the students here are great. I have made some good friends here and you can view some of the parties, and get togethers we have had thus far. Feel free to click and view the good times my friends and I have shared.

There was not enough room for all of the photos from Baruch College on this site, so a new Baruch Photo Blog was lauched in the summer of 2007. Here you can see thousands of photos of the school and students having fun at school sponsored events. The link to the site is below.

Baruch College Photos