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Videojet Excel 100 School in Burlington New Jersey

Sometimes I get sent away for these very short training courses on specific equipment. Back in 2002 I was sent away to learn how to troubleshoot and repair Videojet Model Excel 100 date coding machines. These are used to print the lot numbers and expiration dates on packages moving by on a conveyor at high speed. These machines steer an ink stream up and down to print the characters. The ink stream is made up of individual electrically charged drops. The stream is steered by electromagnetic deflection much the same way an electron beam is steered in a TV sets picture tube. (Remember them?) The Videojet machines are very reliable and all you need is clean compresed air and 120 VAC to run them. The newer models are even better. They do not even need compressed air, only the 120 VAC supply. We are using some of them at my company already and with good results so far. After I took this course my boss bought a some broken machines on E Bay for a low price and I was able to fix them and get them on line and in use after buying only a handful of parts.