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School of Modern Photography of Little Falls New Jersey

This was the 1st correspondence course I took. My best friend Ritchie was into photography as a hobby. He got me involved and I liked it. So I stuck with it. I really enjoyed the whole process from taking the pictures, developing the negatives, to making the final prints. I was still in Rutherford High School when I started this course. I was the sports photographer for the school, the President of the Photography Club and I also worked as a freelance reporter for the local newspapers. Whenever I did a feature story, I took the pictures, wrote the captions and the articles too. I took this course to improve my skills in photography because I decided that this is what I wanted to do for a career when I finished High School. Every month through the mail I would get a package with a set of instructions with a homework assignment to be completed. I would read the materials do the homework and send it in for grading. A few weeks later I would get my homework back with a grade on it. Then I would add it to a 3 ring binder with the previous instruction materials. I completed this course in Janauary 1977 seven months after I left High School.