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<John Uske Air Lounge CTO>

<Air Lounge Management Team>
At Air Lounge we are working hard to serve you better

At Air Lounge our management is constantly seeking new ideas, and better ways to enhance and add value to the customer experience at our facility. If you have an idea you think we should try, or if you have comments about your last stay at our facility that may bring about improvements to what we do, then please contact us at the address you see below. If your idea or suggestion is adopted you will be awarded a free gift certificate, which can be redeemed for a free stay at our Air Lounge Facility.

Air Lounge Corporation
One Bernard Baruch Way
New York NY 11013
Tel: 1212-555-3539 Fax: 1212-555-3935
E Mail: relax@airlounge.com