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<Internet Work Area>

<Air Lounge Internet Consoles>
When you need access to a computer and the Internet. We have got it!

At Air Lounge we know that for the busy businessperson on the go, computer and Internet access is a must! To satisfy that end we have ten Internet work stations available for your use during your stay at Air Lounge. Each workstation uses a PC with latest Intel processors and runs Windows XP with Service Pack 3 as the operating system. Also installed are Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suites Studio Edition. So you can work on your documents, graphics, or web pages while you are waiting for your flight to depart.

We also have copy a fax machines too. We can also send out small parcels or letters for you via UPS or Fed Ex. Air Lounge can be your home away from home or your office when you are away from the office. You can work and relax, or relax and then work. It's up to you, we just give the opportunity to exercise your choice. Due to demand using the terminals to play online videogames is not allowed and you will be disconnected.