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<The Gift Shop>

<Air Lounge Gift Shop>
Buy a liitle something for the special people in your life at our gift shop.

The Air Lounge Gift Shop offers traditional souvenirs like key chains, shot glasses and post cards, as well as, hand made wall art, pottery, and hand made jewelry. Emphasis is placed upon the styles originating in the New York City Art District. We also carry a wide variety of New York City souvenirs in case you want purchase a memento of your trip to this city. We welcome you to come browse our abundant assortment of greeting cards, newspapers, magazines and paperback books.

We also carry an assortment of personal items which sometimes are overlooked when packing such as aspirin, sewing kits sunglasses and the like. Candy, snacks and duty free cigarettes are also sold at the gift shop too. For those instances in which you are unable to bring valuables with you onto the aircraft due to increased security screening please ask about the Mail Back Program offered in the Gift Shop.