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Air Lounge is not a real business. This site is a class project.

The Air Lounge Project is really an assignment that had to be completed for a Marketing Class at the Baruch College Zicklin Graduate School of Business. Professor Barry Rosen taught this class in the fall of 2006. At the beginning of the class we were asked to arbitrarily form groups of 5 to 6 students for the project. We formed a group of 6 people and they were:

Yan Li, Artem Lysenko, Miriam Montesinos, John Uske, Diane Vidal, and Harold Yang. This turned out to be a great group. We got along right away.

Out task was to identify a market need and fill it with suitable business of our own design. We were also required to obtain the software Marketing Plan Pro and use a business template very close to our own and do the research needed fill in all the data requirements on the template. This web site was an added extra that took us over the top and we scored 100 points for this project.